Rubble sacks (10psc) 70L

Catalogue index: 010 150

  • Availability: In stock
  • Delivery time: Completion to 3 days
  • Delivery: from US$4.09 (GLS (PL))
  • Package weight [kg]:
    • 0.74
US$5.15 gross / opak. US$4.19 net + 23% VAT / opak.

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Grube i mocne worki na odpady budowlane, ze wzmocnionym dnem.
Wymiary: 60x100cm
Pojemność: 70l
Ilość: 10szt

Cost of delivery

GLS (DE) : from US$14.86
Odbiór osobisty : from US$0.00
GLS(AT) : from US$12.48
GLS (PL) : from US$4.09
GLS (CZ) : from US$11.12
GLS (BE) : from US$17.01
GLS (HR) : from US$20.70
GLS (NL) : from US$17.70
GLS (FR) : from US$22.08
GLS (IE) : from US$40.75
GLS (LT) : from US$16.58
GLS (LV) : from US$19.89
GLS (HU) : from US$15.31
GLS (SE) : from US$24.70
GLS(FI) : from US$32.56
GLS (ES) only continent : from US$32.14
GLS (SK) : from US$13.21

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