Clamp cutting guide 1250 mm

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This clamp cutting guide is perfect for accurately cutting straight lines when using routers, saws or jigsaws. The guide can be clamped onto the work piece with one hand and is guaranteed to be straight - no more using clamps and a straight edge to guide your power tool. Because the guide is clamped from below the work piece there will be no obstructions above, and the high clamping strength means that the clamp will not move during use. 
Made from heavy gauge extruded aluminium the guide will have maximum durability but is also very light and easily maneuverable. The sliding adjustable clamp end allows the guide to easily clamp onto varying lengths of work piece. Clamping jaws allow the clamp to grip securely and because of their composition will not mar if the guide is being used on finished work. A long locking handle allows the clamping force to be easily transferred from user to clamp.
Product properties:

  • Available in three sizes
  • Long locking handle
  • Made from heavy gauge extruded aluminium for maximum durability
  • Sturdy profile allows you to make perfectly straight cuts
  • Rigid non twist anodized aluminum channel with steel tension-carrying rod
  • Adjustable clamp end with large no-mar jaws

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